Payment and Insurance

 Answers to Common Insurance Questions

 “Do you accept my dental insurance?”

Yes, we do accept payments directly from all PPO and Traditional (Indemnity) dental insurance companies, and we will gladly file your claim for any services we provide.  By law, insurance companies are required to respond to claims within 30 days.  If your insurance company fails to pay a claim within a reasonable period of time, you will be responsible for payment to our office and the insurance company will be required to reimburse you.  We are not able to process DMO, Medicare or Tricare claims.

“What will my insurance cover?”

Insurance companies rarely pay 100% of your dental care costs in a “fee for service” office, although routine cleanings, exams, and periodic

x-rays are more generously covered than repair procedures.  Some insurance plans pay a higher percentage of the cost and cover a wider range of procedures.  Other plans pay a lower percentage of the cost and cover only basic procedures.  We are happy to work with our patients to maximize their insurance benefits, yet not compromise on the quality of care they need or want.

“Why doesn’t my insurance plan cover all of the work I need?”

It used to.

In 1970, a typical dental insurance policy covered $1000 per year.

In 1986, it still covered $1000 per year, but inflation changed the cost of goods to $2824.

In 2014, it still covered $1000 per year, but inflation changed the cost of goods to $6019.

Insurance benefits have not kept pace with inflation in order to keep premiums (what you pay each month) lower.  In an effort to purchase more dentistry with the same amount of money, companies began to contract with certain providers who agreed to set their fees to the insurance company’s guidelines.  We disagree.  We feel that fees should be structured to allow patients to choose their desired quality of materials and lab services and to give patients the full time and attention they deserve.

“Do you have affordable payment plans?”


First of all, most dentistry can be phased, starting with the most urgent issues first.  This allows you to attain an optimal outcome at a pace that is comfortable for you.  If you need to break down your portion of the costs (after insurance), we offer both in-office and independent financing.  0% Interest is available for balances over $500 for up to one year with our affiliate, Care Credit.

About Dental Insurance

We work with our patients to recover the maximum in their dental benefits, but our role is advocate to the patient, without any obligation to an insurance company. We do not participate in preferred provider plans, and we do not alter our time, materials, procedures, or labor to accommodate pre-arranged fees. Every case is individually planned and carried out for the patient’s long-term comfort and benefit.