Dental Cleanings

Dental Cleanings

There’s More Than One Way to Clean Teeth

I take my car to an automated car wash now and then.  As I pull up to the self-service machine, it talks to me.  It says, “Buy Wash,” then lets me choose a basic wash, a more intensive wash, or an intensive wash with protectant and windshield repellant.  The price of each wash is different.

Dental cleanings are not so different from car washes.  Some people have just a little bit of stain or buildup and healthy gums; others tend to have a lot of buildup and red, swollen, tender gums.  Sometimes a single cleaning visit isn’t enough to bring the patient back to a healthy status.  And then there are the little kids who usually have healthy gums and no buildup, but the enamel isn’t very mineralized yet.

The very best way to deliver the most appropriate cleaning possible is to examine the patient first to determine their specific needs.  That’s why it’s hard to accurately tell someone over the phone what kind of cleaning they need, how long it should take and therefore how much the procedure costs.  Our “Cleaning Visits” also include a health screening and evaluation of the jaw joints, muscles, teeth, gums (including an oral cancer screening), breath, and smile.


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