All-Ceramic Crowns

Smile Makeover

All Ceramic Crowns

When teeth are badly broken, extensively decayed, or replacing existing caps, all-ceramic crowns are the treatment of choice.  Dr. Myers has had extensive training for this procedure and has been completing cosmetic make-overs such as this one since 1985.




A Brief History of Dental Ceramics

Long ago, all crowns were made of metal.  In the 1900’s, Charles H. Land patented the all-porcelain “jacket” crown, allowing a more esthetic option for restoring severely damaged front teeth.  However these crowns were not strong due to internal micro cracking.  Even so, they were used extensively until the 1950’s when the strength was improved by bonding porcelain to a metal “coping.”  While this technique solved the micro cracking problem, it blocked light which created an opaque look and often left a dark line visible near the gum line.

While other esthetic ceramic alternatives were available in later years, it wasn’t until the late 1990’s that strength and beauty were achieved with the all-ceramic crown materials we use today.


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